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AP Machinery007 is a professional magazine that focuses on expanding the plastic, rubber, packaging, printing,food processing, pharmaceutical,and chemical industries in developing countries.

Many industry observers view the African market with optimism as its home security and investment climate continue to improve. Moreover, with the collapse of Russian economy in 2000, the economy of those independent nations began to develop rapidly. Their unemployment rate have declined,inflation slowed down,and asset per capita rose significantly.Markets in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Central/South America boast huge potential and are favorable. Hence, those areas are our main targets.

AP Machinery007 was founded in 2001. This magazine issue is based upon fairs we participate in. Over the past three years, we have taken part in 30 international fairs. It means that we have participated in at least thirty international exhibitions with AP Machinery007. During shows, we collect and gather information on the latest local tradine news, potential customers, area agents, country current conditions, and so on for you to evaluate the market.

Circulation Methods:

(1)Distributing magazines to at least nine shows in developing countries
(2)Offering magazine samples to Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce or Trade Associations for local buyersreference

Circulation Amount:
6000 copies including free distribution at shows and mailing few monthly

Geographical Coverage:
Africa, Middle, East Europe, Central Asia and Central/South America

Every year, we cooperate with nine fair organizers. In general, we choose six professional fairs and three new countries to promote. AP Machinery 007 is the most recognized and professional media with detailed information, prefect design and wide circulation. It is the most comprehensive guide to Taiwan and Chinese corporations of plastic machines, mold and raw materials. Also, it is the best advertising material to develop new markets as well.

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